Tobacco Dependence Education Map

Example frontpage image Tom Axtell was the Project Manager and data architect for this interactive map project for the Canadian Council for Tobacco Control. Data collected on the tobacco-related education and standards was organized by profession and presented in the most manageable size for map viewing. Behind this map is an impressive CMS where new data can be added. The project selected the same open source technology used by groups such as OpenStreetMap. Future editions of the site will enable institutions to update their own map data. See the map here.


Inuit Health Statistics Browser

Example frontpage imageTom Axtell was the National Coordinator and Web Designer of a unique statistical browser featuring the selected data form the Aboriginal Peoples Survey, The Aboriginal Children’s Survey and Inuit Nunavik Health Survey. Since the Web site was launched in the winter of 2011, Inuit regions and communities will have access to the numbers describing many social-economic-environmental determinants of health that are important to Inuit. Visit the project here. Visit Nain, Labrador where the project took shape through workshop training and audience research Watch the video, Naasautit Goes to Nain.

Get Immunized

Get Immunized Information is a national, bilingual Web-based clearinghouse of information on immunization and Aboriginal Peoples. The Get Immunized Information Web site hosts a collection of culturally relevant, timely and credible information resources on immunization and First Nations and Inuit. Developed name, content and info




Originally produced as an online resource for the QANUQTUURNIQ - FINDING THE BALANCE television series (May 2009), the Inuit Wellness site has become the first portal for consumer health information targeting Inuit youth, men and mothers. The collection of resources are the best available from the Inuit Tuittarvingat, Pauktuutit and many others on a wide number of topics including segments from the tv series.

Honouring Life Network

Example frontpage image Behind the epidemic of suicides in certain Aboriginal communities is the loss of hope and lack of help. The National Aboriginal Health Organization contracted Tom Axtell to build a web site directory of resources with a supportive forum for community health workers. Instead, his team delivered an inspiring collection of first person stories that model help seeking and coping behavior, and arranged a transfer of knowledge from ReachOut, Australia’s award winning mental health site, plus an interactive forum for youth workers. NAHO and Earthlore Communications designed the web site and life embracing artwork.

The Honouing Life Network was launched in March 2008. I was coincidently in Inuvik.....


Qanuppitaa? How are we doing?

This is a mock site to show how schools in the arctic could publish their statistics to communicate with parents on school performance. Done is under a day, I wanted to show a variety of data visualizations that educators can use. But as I imagined a world where students and parents could look at all their marks over time, I realized that most of us, Bill Gates and I at least, want to forget those early “scores”. The data for graduation rates shown here are the never before seen estimated “on-time” graduation rates for Nunavut, 32% in 2010. They are estimates because I had partial data but the trend is upward, and much higher than some other regions in the North.

Feature articles

Aboriginal Peoples can prevent colorectal cancer rates from rising
(March 2007)

Colorectal cancer rates in the Aboriginal population are rising at a higher rate than the Canadian average. According to Cancer Care Ontario, unless preventative measures are taken, colorectal cancer rates among Aboriginal Peoples will soon surpass those in the general population. Like Type 2 diabetes, this is a disease that people can do a lot about...

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