Plain Language Writing and Editing

Health and reading literacy and numeracy are closely related. In Canada, the digital divide is not about access to the web, but about the ability to read and understand what is there. Before publishing your next article or fact sheet, I can develop your messaging with the participation of the audience and test your materials with low literacy readers. Then you can trust that they will have every chance to access the information they are seeking.

Articles, Fact sheets, Lists, FAQs

For every health promotion goal, there is an appropriate format on a Web page (i.e. fact sheets, quizzes), just like in print. Following both journalistic and instructional design approaches I can craft messages and present the numbers in a form that is most appropriate for the audience and expected outcome. A collection of exciting data visualizations will be showcased in the soon to be released Numbers to Knowledge News. (this is a demo).

Library Collection Development

Strategies to build comprehensive collections on health or disease topics are developed through consultation with frontline health workers, researchers, policy makers and librarians. Collections are carefully constructed from what is available on the Web, based on the real needs of target populations. Resources are checked against the rigorous quality assurance standards.

Social Marketing Campaigns

Social marketing for health promotion is the process of communicating messages that help individuals make decisions related to maintaining and improving their health and well-being and that of their families and communities. Think of the participACTION and the anti-smoking campaigns supported by the Canadian government. Social marketing campaigns are planned, implemented and evaluated within a health promotion framework, for an example, click here.

Database, Web Application Design

I use DB/Text, InMagic and Drupal/PHP systems to manage and protect your knowledge assets. I work with developers to build applications for disseminating statistics.

Quality Assurance & Evaluation

Funding sources increasingly demand evidence that services give value for money. Monitoring and evaluating projects and individual products can prove their value as investments and to increase their effectiveness in achieving their aims.