Camp Comfort circa 1940


That is Charlotte Smith in her canoe, laying there! The other person looks like her friend Gisèle Forest.



The McManus cottage on the left and Belhumeur's on the right. Once upon a time, the two buildings were one, forming the original Camp Comfort lodge.

Hector Codere's garage, now belongs to Dr. Jean Dussault.

The guy in the air from a jump is my Bobby Smith. The tennis court was between Jean Dussault's (Codere's) and Axtell's.

The tennis court was even equipt with lighting until the 70's when the families grew up and the property changed hands. Big John's outdoor cinema operated until about 1973, and moved indoors at the McManus's cottage. While John was the projectionist at Champlian College he brought films home, and shared them with his neighbours Tom and Christine in 1977-79. John retired and very much enjoyed the convience of his VCR!





A very long beach (20-40 foot) existed up until the late 60's, when newer cottages were build around the lake in areas with shallow water. The new higher water level pleases those "newcomers". Most of Camp Comfort would prefer to have a longer beach.