Tom Axtell ~ CEO & founder

Tom Axtell has a solid background as a researcher, educator, and manager. His creative work in health promotion was recognized when he managed the Substance Use Addictions and Tobacco health centres for the Canadian Health Network. He translated expert knowledge from the substance use and addictions field for Canadian consumers, particularly for those with low literacy levels.

Example frontpage imageTom's commitment to improving access to information and skills started in the 80's as an activist and media trainer in the Arctic, laying the foundation of skills and the organization for the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation and three other regional networks that comprise the heart and soul of today’s Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN). Tom piloted and directed research on the first pan-Arctic tele-training program during his term as Training Director of Atii Training Inc. where he directed the organization mandated to prepare Inuit managers for the new Nunavut Territory. This lead to his research for "The Apprenticeship of 32 Inuit managers". In 1994, he established 3 community internet access centres in Nunavik. He has several years experience in the classroom teaching English as a Second Language. His expertise as an educator combined with web-application development, web site and graphic design enables him to contribute to your technology-related health and education promotion project. He undertook the research and design for the Honouring Life web site. The Naasautit: Inuit Health Statistics web site is an ambitious data visualization application that enables users to understand data and see connections between factors, at a glance. Tom established About This Map a new Ottawa based firm to offer data visualization services to communities, governments and academia.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Concord ia and a Master of Arts in Education from Bishop’s University. Download resume here